Building Sustainability

Ernst Basler + Partners and Geoklock had an important participation in the Expo Arquitetura Responsável 2015 (Expo Responsible Architecture 2015). The event took place in November, in the city of São Paulo. The experience and know-how of Switzerland, a worldwide reference in the field, was turned into a workshop called “Building Sustainability – a Swiss Brazilian exchange”. Prestigious Swiss institutions, such as the Urban Think Tank from Zurich Federal Institute of Technology, share its most recent studies. The event also counted on the participation of innovative Brazilian companies in the sustainable construction segment.

Through the support of the Conselho Brasileiro de Construção Sustentável (Brazilian Council of Sustainable Construction) – an entity recognized as the main disseminator of knowledge and promotion to the sustainable construction in the country – cases and solutions were presented during the meeting in order to bring a new perspective to the market, showing the efficiency of the design and the sustainable construction technology. Fundamental issues were mentioned for the development of this segment, such as financing, professional training and the differences between the European and Brazilian roles and responsibilities of the architects in the projects. Hans-Christian Angele Ernst Basler + Partner/ Geoklock director, was one of the speakers at the workshop, he is a specialist in sustainable construction, energy and the environment, and broke several paradigms that will help in the building of a new mentality in our country.

(Hans-Christian also leads our companies in the project Região Energética de Maraú (Maraú Energetic Region), which has been gaining more and more notoriety for the development in the Maraú’s Peninsula, in Bahia, in the first Brazil energetic region).

The event also relied on Andreas Binkert, Nuesch Development director, and his expertise regarding the view of the investors that operate in different countries; Paolo Fuchs from Archipart, the architect Patricia O’Reilly, who has a wide work experience abroad and is a specialist in sustainable construction; Adriana Levisky, architect and urbanist counselor at CBCS and titular at Levisky Architects office | Urban Strategy; and Thomas Foerst, Swiss Business Hub director, which is an organization that promotes collaborative actions between Switzerland and Brazil. The event had support from the Swiss Consulate, from Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) and Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects (SIA), in a pilot project denominated as “ingenious Switzerland”.

Christian’s Photo Subtitle: Hans-Christian Angele, Ernst + Partner/ Geoklock in the sustainable construction event.


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